A Strange and Beautiful Place
A Door Between Two Worlds


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Deep in the backwoods of Florida is a mysterious place called Hole in the Wall. For centuries, magical things have happened here. 36 year old Royce Hagan, last surviving member of a family of Florida poor-white pioneers, returns from a life at sea to reclaim his old family homestead and get back to his roots.

Still living in the area is 60 year old Booker T. Robertson, known locally as "the best hunter that ever lived in this part of Florida." Booker welcomes Royce home with open arms but warns him against becoming too familiar with the mysterious Perdrys, a strange family living in the woods nearby.

Booker's understanding of the Hole in the Wall woods is slowly revealed to Royce - the secret of a hole between two worlds and the Enchanted Ones who are allowed to pass between them.

Facts About The Enchanted

Based on a novel written by the well known children's author Elizabeth Coatsworth, this unusual and internationally successful independent feature film was exquisitely photographed in 35MM with Panavision equipment in one of the most remote areas of Florida in 1981. Rerecorded in Dolby stereo at the world-famous EMI Borehamwood studios in England, The Enchanted was immediately recognized as a high-quality, unique indie film - with "cult classic" potential - and was invited to many different film festivals worldwide.

Rated PG, it is suitable for people 12 years old and above. It is mostly a very clean film, has only one profanity and one situation where a man and woman inhabit the same house while being unmarried.

Signed by Castle Hill Productions of New York, it was decided to only screen the film at the Miami Film Festival, the USA Film Festival in Dallas and at Cannes before releasing the film theatrically into the domestic market and then to all media, teaming up with the well-known international distributor Palisades (Manley) International for foreign.

The Enchanted played in numerous venues around the world from 1983-2005. Considered a trail blazing independent film that was ahead of its time, The Enchanted helped pave the way for the current crop of off-the-grid, independent films attempting to exist in a world far away from the Hollywood mainstream. Like most gutsy, independent films, the fact that the film is a little "arty" and has only one recognizable Hollywood veteran in its cast, the film has been relegated more to the periphery of the mainstream rather than into the mainstream itself (although it did play twice as a CBS "Movie of the Week" in prime time in 1984).

It is for this reason that The Enchanted is only well-known in certain circles. This solidifies its place at this point in the history of American cinema as a legitimate "timeless cult classic" and has been recognized as such by numerous aficionados of film and obscure Florida lore. Now available to the public on DVD for the first time ever, this Florida Folk mystery combines a strong story and a powerful, mood-evoking soundtrack with some of the finest photography ever shot in the Florida outback. The Enchanted is a film that will stay with you long after you have left the viewing room.

Take this opportunity to buy and enjoy your own copy today. You will be glad you did.

Text Found On The Back Of The DVD Cover

"These woods be a strange place" said Booker. "My grandmamma always called this place Hole in the Wall. Sometimes things pass through that Hole. And them things she called The Enchanted".

So begins the story of a strange and beautiful place, a door between two worlds. The story of a remote swamp in the backwoods of central Florida, a young white boy returned home from the sea, a wise old black man who was as "close to his blood family as he was going to get", and a strange woman who changes both of their lives forever.

Originally released in 1983, shot in 35MM and rerecorded in England in Dolby Stereo by the man that invented the Dolby system, The Enchanted is a timeless classic that played successfully at Cannes, the Miami Film Festival, the USA Film Festival in Dallas and in a worldwide release from 1983-2005 through Castle Hill and Manley International (including two prime-time showings as a CBS Movie of the Week in 1984).

This is the first time this unique Florida Folk mystery has ever been available to the Home Video/DVD market.

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