Cast & Crew along with Domestic & International Distribution

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   The Enchanted ~ Cast & Crew:

  • Julius Harris
  • Will Sennett
  • Casey Blanton
  • Scamp of Joshua Creek
  • Rick Allen
  • John Hallock
  • Helen Blanton
  • Jimmy Robison
  • Jerry Robison
  • Rhonda Mayhew
  • Sondra Mayhew
  • Michael Garcia
  • Charles Porter
  • Roy Crews

Executive Producer/Director: ---- Carter Lord

Producer: ---- Nancy Rachtman Eber

Screenplay: ---- Charne Porter

Music: ---- Phil Sawyer

Director of Photography: ---- Mike Levine

Associate Producer: ---- Carol Jenkins

Domestic & International Distribution

U.S. and Canada Distribution by Castle Hill Productions
New York - 1983-1996
Staggered Theatrical Release - General Cinema Theaters
Nov 18,1983 - Sept 1984
Tampa Charleston , S.C. Sarasota
St. Petersburg Gainesville CLearwater
Lakeland Orlando (1986) Wauchula
  Network Television
Spring 1986
  CBS Movie of the Week
(2 showings)
  Syndicated Television
Video Voice Contract ~ 1986-1998
US and Canada unlimited 12 year run - Countless showings prime time, afternoons and late night
  Home and Military
Media Home Entertainment - U.S. Army
International Distribution by Palisades (Manley) International
  Territories sold 1983-2000  
Germany Italy Scandinavia
Russia Brazil Portugal
South Africa Mexico Greece
Taiwan Iceland Thailand