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Name: Tim Mayer
From: Spring City PA
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The movie which made me quit seeking out obscure films. Seriously, I viewed this film and told my self there will never be a find this good! I was totally blown-away by this movie and have shown the copy I borrowed to friends. I''m still amazed I'd never heard of it before. Now I've read two of the four books in the author's "Enchanted" series and feel that the movie is different enough from the book to compliment the source material. I do wonder of the strange creature at the end of the movie was originally supposed to be a Florida panther. In the film it resembles a big dog or wolf.
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Name: douglas park
From: Lancaster, PA
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I've been collecting horror/fantasy movies since 1985 and only found out about The Enchanted earlier this year!
Through newspaperarchive.com I've tracked down it's premiere date on CBS Late Night: March 18, 1987. Technically March 19th since it aired at 12:00 midnight. I've also submitted this info to IMDB.
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Name: IMDB ENtry
From: Canada
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The Enchanted (1984)
Val Lewton in the Florida backwoods, 20 May 2009

Thank god this stunning fantasy is finally listed on the IMDb. I've been telling people about it for decades, without being able to prove it even exists! It had a couple network showings on ABC back in the late 80s and after that, vanished. Now, I only hope that someone like Anchor Bay of Janus discovers it and gets a DVD release out there for people to discover.

Straight forward but intricate plot: a young rancher in the backwoods of northern Florida falls in love with a gentle mysterious woman who appears from nowhere. The rancher's best friend, an elderly woodsman attuned to the lore of the forest, warns him that something is very wrong, as his passion for this ethereal and elusive woman draws him into an increasingly mysterious series of events. The eerie finale brings both wonderment and a full gasping sense of the dread that's been growing, in this dark landscape, both natural and supernatural, that no other filmmaker has ever explored.

Director Carter Lord is sparing with dialogue, telling much of his story with visuals, and a truly hypnotic sense of atmosphere. Rarely has a local indy filmmaker made better use of his surroundings, in building unease -- a perfect awareness of how his local countryside might appear to a stranger in those parts, lost and frightened and uncertain, and that's exactly the mood "The Enchanted" captures and sustains. When there's a sudden cut, to a hooting owl in the darkness, then a far off window lit up, it doesn't feel arty -- it feels like, "This is a scary place, and what am I doing outside?" This movie is the closest I've ever seen to what could be called "latterday Val Lewton", something completely in the spirit, and artistic precision, of that long ago series of quiet horror movies for thinking people, like "Cat People", "I Walked With a Zombie" and "The Body Snatcher". Those films, from producer Lewton, weren't appreciated at the time of their early 1940s releases, but have since become landmark horror classics.

Please, some distributor, hunt down and discover "The Enchanted", and get it out there. If I'm half as film literate as I imagine myself to be, I couldn't recommend a neglected gem more highly than this one.
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Name: suzanjoy
From: agosa springs, co
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What a beautifully filmed, poigant story, wonderfully acted and directed...as an artist, i was so impressed with the look and feel of this film: so many of the 'frames', like pieces of canvas: WORKS OF ART coming alive; the color relationships, angles, nuances of textures, priceless...
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Name: David Clarke
From: Miami, Florida
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The Enchanted, Carter's first theatrical release is by far the best film about the occult aleins that may live among us in Central Florida. I enjoyed the film because of the reality of the quail people and their attempt to fit in. Of course Lord waa just getting us ready for his envirnmental film, Lithium Springs. Both films deserve award winning status. David Clarke ;)
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Name: Ken Wall
From: West Springfield, MA
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Based on a novel written by the well known children's author Elizabeth Coatsworth, you would never know that such an author along with the great eye and talents of an independent film maker could make such a wonderful, suspense movie! This movie is just one of those that has such subtleties throughout, that you have to watch every second and take it all in and it grabs you! Great DVD and movie that I will highly recommend it to everyone!
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Name: Sheila Vaughan
From: Hamburg, NY
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As an 'Enchanted' veteran, I am most pleased to launch this Guestbook. Having seen 'The Enchanted' when CBS ran it in the mid-1980s, and having been on the lookout (should say 'actively searching') for it ever since, its reappearance has indeed enchanted me. 'The Enchanted' is a rare gem, a film of subtlety, complexity, and unequivocal beauty. View it, pay attention, be, in this critic's (?) opinion, absorbed by it. I also recommend man-of-many-talents Carter Lord's and wife Teza's latest, 'Lithium Springs'. Hole-In-The-Wall lives!
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